Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fyrinnae Frolics

By now I'm sure most of you have heard of Fyrinnae - an indie cosmetic company that specialises in making unique eyeshadows, lip lustres and primers. As well as reasonably priced full sized items, they also sell samples of practically everything on their site. Buying a bunch of samples is fantastic way to try out a new shade and discover new loves.

The only problem for me was that I became so overwhelmed everytime I went on the site - Fyrinnae have so many gorgeous shades that I wanted one of everything! But a couple of months ago I did some research and made a shortlist of the products I really wanted to try. That's how I ended up with these:

I was so impressed with this first set that I immediately placed a second order and soon more Fyrinnae goodies had arrived:

Swatch time!

Set 1


Set 2

Stunners, aren't they? These are all samples by the way and there is more than enough product in each pot to use numerous times.

Now, formula wise, Fyrinnae shadows are tricky. Like minerals, you'll most likely end up with a grubby smudge of yuck if you attempt to rub or even blend in some cases, these shades during application. The way to use these to ensure their full impact is to pat them on. Some will require a sticky base, like Fyrinnae Epoxy (of which you can see the sample in the first image above), whereas some actually work better without Epoxy underneath. Either way it takes a little experimentation before you perfect application of Fyrinnaes. All the swatches were done using a thin layer of Epoxy underneath.

Like any cosmetic company, Fyrinnae occasionally discontinues shades so if you're lusting after a particular eyeshadow make sure you grab it while you can. As a company, Fyrinnae has fantastic customer service. I had a few enquiries, a couple of notes and requests to add to my orders and they not only did what I asked, they were absolutely lovely about it (therefore pretty much guaranteeing repeat business from me!).

Will I be purchasing from Fyrinnae again? Just look at the photos! Of course I will! I can't resist such pretties!

Do you have any Fyrinnae in your collection? What are your favourites? Let me know which shades I must have!


LauraSummer said...

I've never ordered from Fyrinnae despite reading a lot about them, your swatches are gorgeous though- pumpkin fire is my fave, great name too! Xx

Nazia @ MascaraMagic! said...

Laura, you must! They're tricky to work with but the shades are so worth it. I'd love to see you rocking a shade like Fire Opal - you could use Pumpkinfire with it!


Drama Makeup said...

I never tried Frynnae products but everything looks amazing :) x

Nazia @ MascaraMagic! said...

D, you MUST try them if you like complex, unique shades. I really love the colours and am so tempted to go and order one of everything!

Tali said...

The greens in particular are stunning!

Sarah S. said...

Ugh, love them so much! :D

Anne JF said...

I've never tried Frynnae... I know, I'm a bad MUAer, but I've never. I need to soon, your samples look amazing!!!! :D

memoiselle said...

I have never tried this brand. Thanks for introducing :D
The pigmentation and the colors look amazing. It's very unique and glad to hear that this is reasonably priced.

aucupariabrumalis said...

My favourite is still Rapunzel! :D Te Amo looks like a colour I would like as well. I resisted and haven't pressed mine yet but I am really tempted *sigh*. / Claire


wow....great swatches I must say...M hearing abt this brand for the first time...m ur newest folower

Hope you will follow my blog too


Nazia @ MascaraMagic! said...

Thank you for the lovely comments ladies, I really appreciate them.

If you haven't tried Fyrinnae, GO!


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