Monday, November 05, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Femme Fatale is an Australian based mineral cosmetics company and I decided to take the plunge by ordering lots of samples.

Samples cost $1.10 each and as long you purchase only samples, Femme Fatale will deliver for free, anywhere in the world.

I used Fyrinnae Epoxy under all these swatches but I later found that I didn't really need it. FF eyeshadows apply incredibly intensely without the need for primer.

In the first set that I swatched, all the eyeshadows were sheer with a dramatic colour shift - the kind of shade that really intensifies over a darker base.

Out of these shades, my favourites were Icemist Diamond and Golden Peridot - the vibrancy is lovely.

Set 2:

My swatches don't do these shades justice, especially not Eternal Trance. It is one of the most beautiful, intense, rich deep greens I've ever seen. I'll be buying a fullsize, for sure. This is one of the shades that looked better without a base.

Set 3:

The shades in this set have quite obvious duochrome finishes in real life, which is what drew me towards FF cosmetics in the first place! Glowy and gorgeous.

Set 4:

Out of these, I see myself getting the most use out of Temporal Shift, but I absolutely love the glow from Dispersion too.

A couple of these were samples which was very kind, especially as it seemed that the freebie shades were matched to my taste according to my order. Delivery was reasonably fast from Australia, when you consider I live in the UK.

What I particularly like about these eyeshadows is how smooth and vivid they applied WITHOUT base or primer. Unfortunately I don't have photos of those swatches as I was just messing around and they were far too messy. But I was very impressed, as most mineral based eyeshadows seem to need a base to really shine. These were different and I'll definitely be ordering some fullsizes.


Sati said...

Oh, those are lovely. I can't wear glittery things for day-to-day use, but they'd be brilliant for an evening out. I can see myself in the Riptide or Wisp (are those the right names? Everything's too small for my eyes at this time of night) or any of the greens. The Eternal Trance is especially beautiful. I have a gel liner in almost exactly that colour and I've been looking for a shadow; the liner uses up really fast if I do more than line with it.

The Driveller Kate said...


that is all.

except also HIIIIII <3

Tiarni said...

great post,i love femme fatale :) my fave colour they do is "The Nightmare" its amazing! i am now following you :)

Nazia @ MascaraMagic! said...

Sati, you know you're welcome to make the most of my stash! I'd love to see you in some of these! Which gel eyeliner is it that you have?

Kate!!! Hello you, I've missed you! <3

Tiarni, I saw your swatch of The Nightmare - it looks like I'll be placing another order sharpish!


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