Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo and Water Eyeshadows

Kiko continues to impress for the most part and the Ultra Glossy Stylo lipsticks are fantastic. As the name suggests, they're sheer lip shades with a shiny finish. I have two at the moment and I have my eye on a couple more. There are 21 shades available but I'd like a wider range to be honest.

The colours I have are 807 Red Coral and 820 Heavenly.

807 Red Coral, a pretty watermelon shade:

820 Heavenly, a cool blue toned shade packed with tiny icy shimmers:

Red Coral is an effortless shade - the pink-red coral is so easy to wear and goes with most looks. Despite being sheer, it still imparts a pretty flush of colour and looks super pretty.

Heavenly is not a colour that I can wear by itself - it's far too cool and icy for my skintone. However it is great as a topcoat to tone down other shades that are too warm and therefore a great addition to my collection.


Lip swatches:

807 Red Coral

820 Heavenly

As you can tell, I really like these lipsticks. They feel nice on my lips, don't dry them out, the sheerness is perfect for lazy, low maintenance days and they're only £4.90! Love.

Next up, I have some of the new Water Eyeshadow shades to show you. A while back Kiko brought out a few shades of Water Eyeshadow with their Xmas 2011 collection and I bought a pale peachy shade called Hyper Tangerine, which I swatched here.

Recently a range of 32 shades has been released, all of which look fantastic. I bought 2 of the new colours, 218 Grapefruit Pink and 225 Indigo Blue.

From left to right: 104 Hyper Tangerine (LE), 225 Indigo Blue, 218 Grapefruit Pink

218 Grapefruit Pink

225 Indigo Blue

Swatches, left to right:

Hyper Tangerine, Grapefruit Pink

225 Indigo Blue, right swatch is wet

I love using these eyeshadows wet because they are so glowy (I'm using that word far too much lately!) and vibrant. They last really well over primer and blend perfectly. I'm especially in love with the blue - just look at it!

One gripe I have with these is the name. Water Eyeshadows? There is nothing watery about these - they are completely dry powder eyeshadows that can be used wet or dry. They're designed to look like liquid in their compacts but that's as far as the 'water' claim goes. It's a small complaint, but I do think the name should be revised.

On the positive side, these eyeshadows weigh in at a massive 3g for £8.90 which is a bargain! They're on the pricier side for Kiko but the weight of these makes up for that.

Would you buy any of the goodies I've showcased today? Let me know!


Anitacska said...

I like the Kiko products I have, but I had terrible trouble with Kiko customer services when I placed an online order and they messed it up, so I've pretty much boycotted them since. So much so, I even forgot to pop into the Kiko store when I was in Westfield last month. I do like the look of the water eyeshadows, I have a few in different colours, so maybe next time I will try to remember to pop in there. :)

Tiarni said...

i love the look of the red coral lipstick it looks so pretty :)

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